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18 02, 2016

Runner-up amongst Top Business Schools.


A proud moment for the School of Inspired Leadership! Congratulations to the batch of Inspirers for finishing runners up in the case study competition held at XLRI Jamshedpur. About 50 teams from premier institutes like IIM S, IIM C, SP JAIN, XLRI and XIMB participated in the competition.

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18 02, 2016

Learning Ethics through Theatre. Ajay Ruhela – HRLP 2015-2016


The movie will begin in five moments.
The mindless voice announced.
All those unseated will await the next show.

We filed slowly, languidly into the hall.
The auditorium was vast and silent.
As we seated and were darkened, the voice continued.

The program for this evening is not new
You’ve seen this entertainment through and through
You’ve seen your birth your life

10 02, 2016



The field of MBA is a provocative one and many students battle the grueling examinations conducted each semester. Obviously they work hard because there are many plus points after completing the degree, better job, better salary, opportunity to travel places and many more. But, since the inception of the course in India, there has

10 02, 2016

One Year PGP in India

What is a One Year PGP Course?

For the masses who are muddled about a PGP degree, the answer is pretty simple. A one year PG or a one year Post Graduation Program is a degree offered by institutes which are not affiliated to any university and are autonomous. So reputed institutes that rank among

8 02, 2016

The Emerging Trends in Executive MBA Courses


There is certainly no end to learning. This is especially true when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. This is also the main reason why increasing numbers of experienced professionals are seeking to pursue higher studies. Even though these individuals are already well acquainted with basic business concepts, an MBA education helps them enhance

8 02, 2016

Future Trends in Leadership Development Programs


Individuals with a considerable amount of experience in their field of work are constantly looking for opportunities to grow professionally. In most cases, this growth is achieved by assuming a higher executive position or by taking on a leadership role. To do this however, it is important to enhance one’s skills and gain some