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30 11, 2015

One Year MBA: The Safer Option


Management studies are extremely popular with post-graduate students across the country. Most candidates apply for the traditional two-year MBA programs in large numbers, but there has been a change in trends over the past few years, with increasing numbers of applicants opting for full-time MBA programs in India. This option is especially popular with

30 11, 2015

How is an MBA Different from a Masters in Management?


Management studies have gained considerable popularity in the Indian academic sector. MBA aspirants comprise a varied bunch, with individuals from various streams, including both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. Similarly, a wide range of courses are offered by different Indian universities and B-schools. However, while some of these are classified as MBAs, others are

25 11, 2015

Career Prospects after Completing Your MBA Education


Management studies are the most popular of all programs among masters’ degrees, when it comes to Indian graduates. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDP) and One Year Executive MBA are the most sought after programs. Needless to say, the employment opportunities that follow are both financially, as well as professionally appealing.

Here are some

25 11, 2015

The Rise of Diverse Management Courses in India


MBA courses or management studies are among the most popular post-graduate programs in India. Several institutes offer the traditional two-year course known as Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), as well as the One Year Executive MBA program. Even though both programs follow different approaches, the course content usually deals with similar concepts. However,

23 11, 2015

MBA vs. PGDM: Understanding the Difference


With the rise of corporate culture as well as encouragement to entrepreneurship in India, more and more students are opting for management studies. There is no dearth of institutes and universities offering postgraduate programs in management. In fact, Delhi & the NCR regions have close to 3,500 management institutes offering a wide range of

23 11, 2015

Dispelling the Myths about Executive MBA in India


For individuals in a corporate set-up, a pg program are often the obvious step forward. It is indeed an impetus for those seeking professional growth and business leadership positions. Such individuals often prefer the one year full-time MBA program to the traditional two year post graduate programs offered by Indian institutes.

The one year program is indeed

17 11, 2015

Are Women leaders more effective than Men?


Women make up for more than half of the workforce in modern day industries yet there are only a few at CEO and global head levels. According to a recent study it was found that there are only 3-4% of women globally that are CEOs of companies. The study also stated that women have

17 11, 2015

Why Executive MBA is beneficial to working professionals?

An MBA is a degree aspired by many, it’s not only restricted to students but also pursued by working professionals. The reason being, this course is dynamic in nature and instils the teachings about various aspects. For students, there is a full time course of 2 years for which they don’t need any work

16 11, 2015

Things you must look forward to in a Quality Leadership Program


An MBA program has several areas of specialization; this confuses quite a lot of candidates while choosing a specialization course. Most of the MBA aspirants strive to chosse an one year mba or become entrepreneurs and the rest want to shift the career or start working at a larger role. For the former, a

16 11, 2015

Reasons to do an MBA !


An MBA is a distinguished degree that enables an individual to excel in his chosen professional career path. This course holds immense importance in the thriving market scenario. The goal of this degree is to create an entrepreneur who is successful in all parameters of conducting business. However, there are still many students in

4 11, 2015

Things to Remember While Choosing a One Year Executive MBA in India


Management is perhaps one of the most dynamic career paths in terms of professional growth opportunities. As an executive, wishing to enhance your skills or acquire a leadership position, pursuing an MBA is often the logical step forward. Although the customary two-year MBA program has been preferred traditionally, in recent years, executive MBA programs

4 11, 2015

One Year MBA Programs in India: The Better Option for You?


One hardly needs any evidence to demonstrate the popularity of MBA programs in India. However, in recent years, some new trends have emerged within this field. Applicants are increasingly veering towards one year full-time programs rather than the traditional two-year programs.

A one year pg program certainly seems more practical. You will acquire the same