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30 10, 2015

Importance of MBA in a fast growing economy like India


An MBA degree is growing by leaps and bounds in India due to its prestigious stature and our country’s resilience post-recession. With several Indian Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this respected course. International students are also eyeing MBA courses in India giving the reputation of IIMs and

29 10, 2015

Work Experience to get in Business Leadership Program


Candidates pursuing MBA courses can be from any background. A major number of courses are looking for experienced professionals, but not necessarily ‘relevant’ experience. Your previous job profile can range from marketing, finance or accounting this is what is considered as ‘relevant’ experience, but the committee will also admit candidates that differ from these job

29 10, 2015

Important Qualities B-schools look for in an MBA candidate


An MBA course is pursued by a majority of students and working executives these days. The quality of a student is determined by not only with his theoretical prowess, but also practical knowledge and thorough understanding of business models. A hiring company will seek for a prospective employee that fits the bill completely and

27 10, 2015

All You Need to Know about a One Year MBA in India


MBA is now a household concept in the Indian academic scenario. A large number of candidates vie for the limited seats in the traditional two-year MBA programs, across the country. However, over the past few years, the full-time, one year MBA program has been making ripples among aspirants too.

Nevertheless, being a relatively novel concept

27 10, 2015

5 Benefits of Choosing a One Year MBA Program


If you are an aspiring Indian MBA candidate, you will have certainly faced the inevitable dilemma of choosing between a two-year post graduate program and a one year MBA. Both have their benefits and limitations. The traditional two-year set up allows you to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and gain industry exposure with internships. The

20 10, 2015

Women in Leadership Roles


In many companies and countries, employers have started recruiting a lot of young women as they clearly outperform their male counterparts. Companies are increasingly looking forward to hire women MBAs. Companies have now started realizing the importance of having women in senior leadership roles and as board members. Studies have shown that companies with

20 10, 2015

What is the right time to pursue an EMBA?


MBA programs in India are of several types, there is a full-time MBA course, a part-time course and a one year MBA course. Students who have completed their graduation and are devoid of any work experience can opt for a full time MBA course.

For working professionals there are two kinds – a part time

15 10, 2015

Does MBA Teach You Entrepreneurship?


Entrepreneurship is a rage in this global environment nowadays. Does MBA teach you entrepreneurship? Well, the answer is yes! Entrepreneurship is not just about starting your own business. In today’s global economy, everyone needs an entrepreneurial mind-set to outlast. Anyone who is willing to take risks, grab opportunities, think ahead of times, and make

15 10, 2015

Tips to Prepare for MBA entrance !


In order to prepare for an MBA entrance examination, you must devote equal time and efforts. Discipline is extremely important. First, prepare a proper study schedule and make sure that you strictly follow it. You must also dedicate some time for revision on a weekly basis, since this is extremely important. Here are some

15 10, 2015

Which is better – HR Leadership program or MBA in HR?


The HR Leadership Programs are designed to establish and nurture top-notch HR professionals.HR leadership program addresses many critical topics. It covers the important role of HR in the dynamic business environment, processes and systems. HR leadership program is an application oriented course designed using the help of leading practitioners, academicians and consultants.

This leadership program

12 10, 2015

How to Choose an MBA Specialization?


In the world of management education which is bugged with myriad choices, two important aspects make a huge difference in the end – the institution and the specialization. Choosing a specialization is the only question that keeps toiling around in the brains of MBA students during the first two semesters. This is particularly true

12 10, 2015

Difference between a Business Leadership Program and MBA in Marketing


Obtaining a Master of Business (MBA) in Marketing can be challenging and time-consuming. However, an MBA is an esteemed degree that offers competitive advantages over less advanced degrees. A degree in marketing prepares you for a fast-paced business of developing, marketing, and selling products to different consumer markets.

While the Business Leadership Program (BLP) is

12 10, 2015

How to Face MBA Interviews


The interview is indeed the last step, the final stretch and, perhaps, the most baffling round to clear. Facing an interview at the top B-Schools can be nerve-wrecking. Do not panic. This is probably because in spite of months of preparation, you cannot predict the kind of questions you’ll have to answer in your

12 10, 2015

Scholarships for MBA & One Year PG Courses in India


One of the biggest challenges faced by aspiring MBA students is finding ways to meet ends as far as the high costs of attending B-schools are concerned. However, one can find many sources of funding, for their one year MBA & PG courses, that are worth giving a shot. Some students combine their own

12 10, 2015

MBA in One Year

The trend of doing an MBA in one year is rising in popularity in India for many good reasons; including value for money and the convenience of fast learning. People increasingly feel pressured for time these days.

In a bid to cater to professionals who do not have time to dedicate two years of their