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24 07, 2015

Anil Sachdev, Founder and CEO, SOIL, introducing “Inspirers”, our new batch of leaders.

In this latest batch, we are helping our students explore fears within themselves. They will also tap into their creativity to explore their true horizons. Here’s wishing them all the best!

14 07, 2015

Rise of women in an organization’s workforce


Those days are long gone when a woman was perceived as only a home maker. She has now moved on to undertake significant responsibilities in commerce, technology, management and many more arenas. The number of women in the organizational workforce is expanding with their enrollment in various mba programs and will continue to do

14 07, 2015

Importance of Caliper Profile Test


The biggest challenge any recruiter faces is to select the future employees for the organization. Selecting the right candidate in terms of both functional skills and behavioral pattern is difficult as many applicants try to hide negative behavioral traits and only showcase their positives during the interview process. This is when psychological tests can

14 07, 2015

How to choose between MBA in India or MS abroad


A common dilemma for engineering students is whether to pursue an MBA in India or an MS abroad. Both have their pros and cons and the decision depends on the individual. Originally the MBA program was designed for engineers to understand senior management positions and work efficiently in that role. Factors that come into