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22 05, 2015

Choose Colleges offering One Year PG Program

Importance of One Year PG Program –

One year PG program is designed to develop individuals with strength of character, subject specific competence and child-like enthusiasm. These are the three essential aspects for inspired leaders and the learning design in a one year pg program follows this construct. The exposure to the industry that comes

22 05, 2015

Career Opportunities after MBA


An MBA degree is prestigious as it is accepted worldwide. With more and more Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this valuable course. There are several types of MBA; you can choose anyone depending on your criteria. Most of the students enrolling in this course are already employed.

22 05, 2015

One Year MBA: Pros and Cons


A dilemma faced by many students and professionals nowadays is about higher education, especially about MBA. Regardless of your education background, any graduate from a recognized university can enroll for a MBA course. But, the problem arises when you have to decide on a two-year or a one-year course.

The following passage is aimed at

22 05, 2015

Career Prospects of a MBA Graduate


MBA programs are beneficial for your career; students who enroll for this course are trained in the practicality of a business environment and after completion step out as skilled professionals. Many MBA aspirants are working professionals and often it’s their company that sponsors for the course, given that they stay loyal to the company

22 05, 2015

EMBA: Advantages and Disadvantages


An MBA is either a 2 years full time or 3 years part time course. Both have different eligibility criteria, other than that there is Executive MBA or EMBA, a course designed for working professionals who have a minimum of 5 years of career experience. If you’re planning to do an One Year MBA

22 05, 2015

Executive MBA in India – Full Time | SOIL

Need for a Full time Executive MBA in India –

Executive MBA or E-MBA, as it is popularly known, is an education program intended to train executives and help them deal with emerging business needs of the industry.

A full time Executive MBA in India –

prepares professionals for emerging global business circumstances,
provides them with a great

22 05, 2015

Which College To Choose For Executive MBA?


It is a well-known fact that students prefer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree not just to supplement their graduation but also to get a hike in pay packages. Students don’t mind a complete career shift after getting a degree in MBA which helps them pursue their goals. It is, therefore, very important

22 05, 2015

How to choose executive MBA college?


Pursuing an MBA after graduation can boost your career scope and create more opportunities for a better career path. In fact, even after completing post-graduation in a preferred discipline, students find it extremely beneficial to have a MBA degree from top MBA institutes.

Preparing for an MBA will require a heavy investment of time, money

22 05, 2015

Comparing 1 Year Full Time MBA in India with a 1 Year MBA Course


We often observe professionals committing the mistake of focusing solely on the pros and cons of a part-time executive MBA degree with a full-time course before taking a decision. You should not ignore the fact that there are two types of full time courses — the conventional two year course and the 1 MBA

22 05, 2015

Doing MBA after Engineering


Why MBA? – This is a common question you would come across if you’re a qualified engineer applying in an MBA college. The reason why you’re asked this question is because you’re trying to make a shift from a technical to a managerial domain. So, what makes MBA such a popular option for Indian

22 05, 2015

Courses to Choose for Doing MBA


The first year of an MBA program is fairly common across all institutions where the students are given an idea about everything they should know regarding different management functions. Most part of the introductory MBA courses are covered during the first year. Students are also given a fair idea about the specialized areas later

22 05, 2015

Executive MBA Degree Better Than a Full Time MBA Course


Is an executive MBA degree better than a full-time course? Is it advisable to opt for an executive course that allows you to study without quitting your job or taking a break? Or is it preferable to focus solely on your MBA course before getting back into the job market? Those with a few

22 05, 2015

Executive MBA Programs in India for Professionals


Acquiring an executive MBA, unlike a conventional MBA degree, is not just about gaining management knowledge and skills. Designed for those with 10-15 years of experience, the right executive program can prove to be a launching pad into upper management jobs all over the world.

Factors for choosing Executive MBA programs in India –

We know

22 05, 2015

MBA Programs to Consider After Work Experience


Going back to the classroom for formal coaching in business administration after working on a full-time basis for four to five years can be a difficult decision. Unlike a student who has nothing to lose, an experienced individual can lose a lot by taking a break at the wrong time or by joining the

22 05, 2015

Executive MBA Programs: How Do They Work


The executive MBA programs are designed primarily to help experienced middle-management employees equip themselves for the transition to higher positions and bigger responsibilities in bigger organizations. Read ahead for an overview of how our executive MBA program functions, and how it can help you achieve faster growth in your career as with a one year

12 05, 2015

Letter from your student – Amol Langer HRLP 2014-15

Hello Sir,
 Hope you are doing well. Its almost a month that I have come from SOIL but everything seems so fresh. I wanted this one year to be an amazing learning experience for me and the kind of exposure that I have got in SOIL is truly a holistic one which has now prepared