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16 04, 2015

“ROOTS” Newsletter 2014-15

To make the world a better place for all, it is imperative that leaders develop compassion in their heart for the ecosystem around them including fellow individuals who possibly are less privileged due to no fault of theirs. As one of the pillars of SOIL, the students practice compassion by devoting one day in

3 04, 2015

A Journey worth taking


Some people have clear goals, they know what they want to achieve in their lives and Mrs Charulekha Khandelwal is one of them. She is a reservoir of knowledge, focused and very well versed with business acumen. She always wanted to work in the developmental sector.  Her focus was to give back to society

3 04, 2015

Motivating others and spreading smiles


Mrs. Anuradha Balamurugan is someone who is very humble, very kind at heart, very emotional and yet a great leader.

She completed her post graduation in rehabilitation science from south India and then she came to visit Delhi. She was already teaching before she came here. Her focus was to become a special educator for