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9 12, 2014

Book Launch of Arun Maira’s latest book at SOIL

In the moment when we are struggling to find absolute relevance to the corrective measures for the situation around, what could be more relevant than the idea presented by Mr. Arun Maira, given to the world officially on 16th June, 2014 at the School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon.
Redesigning the aero plane while flying, a

9 12, 2014

Empowering the Vision of Life

“I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my guru, my spiritual master, opened my eyes with the torch of knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisance’s unto him.” – Srimad Bhagavad Gita.
He entered with his full gracein the calm SOIL auditorium, following very powerful stepsand we felt overwhelmed in his presence. His structured way of

9 12, 2014

Discursive Analysis of Movies – Sports as a Discourse

Popular cinema is considered as a reflection of the social set up. The characters, role play and the story line is designed and weaved around the perspectives that exist in the society, the paradigms which have developed based on the discourses that exist and the predicament which comes into play as a result of

5 12, 2014

Insights about our careers process.

1 12, 2014

Benefits of doing MBA

In India, graduation equals a study of a discipline – such as Engineering, Medicine, Social sciences, Commerce, Economics etc. 3 to 4 years are spent by students in such disciplines mastering the various aspects. Post the graduation studies however, the jobs are limited in scope and growth. Most graduates from engineering colleges, irrespective of

1 12, 2014

MBA as a Career Option

MBA colleges in India have grown to 3000 in number. The reason for this is simple – the career options after graduating from an MBA college have grown in number too. MBA colleges are focusing on industry readiness and training their students well to take on the complex challenges of an interconnected world. While

1 12, 2014

One Year MBA in India

The answers to what is MBA and how are other one year MBA courses in India different, will be discussed here:
MBA is now a household concept in the Indian academic scenario. A large number of candidates vie for the limited seats in the traditional two-year MBA programs, across the country. However, over the past