It’s just mid of August and we at SOIL are on the verge of finishing our first term. Time just flies and I still can’t fathom that our first ever term out of three has come to an end. In a strenuous 12-month PGP, the first step is ‘Done and Dusted’. Three months into the one year PGP course and how evident it is that SOIL has been the best decision of my life. To start with the journey has just begun and a number of things done and yet many lined up.The time just went zapped zoomed and here we stand at the end of first term. The last three months passed like a summer storm: study groups, case studies, assignments, presentations, clubs, committees, cultural events, Olympics, group discussions, interviews and just WHAT NOT!!
A demanding course with a plethora of subjects has not dampened our spirits but has led us wanting more. And its not just all about studying. It’s about a whole new experience of living and working together with no time to spare. We learned to manage time, working in teams, the importance of collaborations, multitasking to count a few. The subjects which we covered have been so diverse that they have broadened our horizon and added a completely new business perspective. Apart from academics, the wellness classes by Susie Ma’am have taught us the best ways to overcome stress and relax at the same time.
It just feels like yesterday when all of us came together for the orientation trying to know each other, breaking the ice and how 3 months have evolved us completely. At this point, we not only know each other but constantly work to improve each other and apply the best out of our learning concepts. Alongside a tight schedule we do find time to be a part of various events like celebrating Guru Purnima, Karma Kitchen, Soil Olympics and various other events.Every subject is a completely new experience for us and the best part is our learnings which happen through groups, the way each one of us helps and maintain a healthy competition is one of the best ways to understand and deep dive and get the best out of it.
The program office keeps us on toes with a number of exams that come up each time a course if finished. It indeed is the best feeling, to witness our tremendous progression.It is also rightly said, ‘When you love what you do, the work is no more work but a passion’ and here at SOIL I see it happening right in front of eyes. The intense course structure is exhaustive but we are enjoying the learning and at the same time trying to practically imply all the classroom teachings in the real life scenario.
The feeling of being back to school is literally taken up, each and every moment spent together is special and productive. Time actually flies when you are having fun and we at SOIL are the witnesses to this. We are lucky to have the eminent industry leaders coming up almost every alternate week and sharing with us their life journeys and helping us to learn better with their experiences along with how important a Leadership program is. The time to time alumni interactions, faculty feedbacks are helping us groom into what we actually want to be.The experience so far has been amazingly awesome and I am loving it to the core. The footprint of our first step in the esteemed PGP track is definitely defined with a finishing line. Time is finite and the opportunities galore with each moment being just so infinite in its own self. Hence, enjoy the checkpoints, pushing the limits further and making the most of the remaining time keeping in mind the goal that led us here.
To conclude, these challenging and difficult moments during this one year MBA course are the only stepping stones towards the journey of self improvement and learning, hence looking forward to maximize learning at the same time enjoying the journey and making it an unforgettable experience for life!

Looking forward to more learnings and more sleepless nights, to term 2 and term 3 and have a gala time! Cheers!

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